Congratulations, Cameron!

Drexel University, Mechanical Engineering

I am graduating from Spring-Ford Area School District in Royersford Pennsylvania. My career aspirations are to become a roller coaster designer. I have been fascinated by roller coasters since a young age and often watch informational videos about them in my spare time. When I was younger, I had a whole theme park built out of Kโ€™NEX. I enjoyed watching my mini roller coasters go around the track all day. With them, I would experiment what happened if I tilted the roller coaster in different directions. My hobbies include swimming, diving, and dancing. My participation in the ACE Program has provided insight into how the different fields of engineering, and other careers under the ACE umbrella, work together to design and build infrastructure along with updating it.

Cameron Wilson
Melissa Raffel
Author: Melissa Raffel