2020 ACE Scholarship Award Winners

Seven scholarships totaling $35,000 were awarded to regional high school students in the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia for the 2019-2020 school year. Scholarships will allow students to continue their education in the architecture, construction, and engineering fields. CLICK ON the names of the students below to show a brief bio.

JONATHAN ANDERSON | Dock Mennonite Academy

Jonathan Anderson is a graduating senior at Dock Mennonite Academy. Aside from school he enjoys running, biking, and playing guitar. While participating in school athletics he was the captain of both the track and cross country team. One of his proudest athletic achievements is completing two half-marathons. Academically he has been an honor roll student throughout his high school career. At Dock he was part of The National Honors Society, Touring and Chamber choir, and concert band. His enrollment with the ACE Mentoring program shaped his love for drawing and building design into a passion for Civil Engineering. After graduation Jonathan plans to pursue Civil Engineering at Lehigh University.

“I particularly enjoyed the site visits to the INTECH site in Conshohocken and the design we created for their courtyard. The site visits gave me the opportunity to see first hand how a large-scale project comes together. My teammates and I were able to take what we learned and apply it to our project designs. ACE Mentoring has become a vital stepping stone in giving me the tools and confidence to successfully pursue a degree in Civil Engineering.”

Jonathan received a $5,000 Merit Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia and will be attending Lehigh University for Civil Engineering in the Fall 2020.





CIRA DIOP | G.W. Carver High School for Engineering & Science

I have been part of the ACE Mentor Program for three years. Every year my knowledge and interest in the design and construction industry expands. This industry is more than just buildings, it impacts everything that surrounds us. 

cira-225x300“I came to the United States of America in 2010 from Nouakchott, Mauritania. When I came, I only spoke Fulaah and French and struggled in school. This year I am proud to say that I will be going to college to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am the first in my immediate family to attend college. I have always thought that engineering would be a field that I could use my creativity to make a difference in the community. ”

Cira received a $5,000 Scholarship from the Subcontractors Association of Delaware Valley and will be attending Cornell University for Mechanical Engineering in the Fall 2020.






EVELY VAQUERO FLORES | Cumberland County Technical Education Center

Evely Vaquero Flores is part of the Engineering Program at Cumberland County Technical Education Center. She is a straight-A student and excels in her academics. Outside of the classroom, she is a National Honor Society and National Technical Honor Society member, the president of the Women in STEAM club that she founded, and a SkillsUSA member that has competed in the Architecture Drafting competition. In the fall, she will continue her education at Thomas Jefferson University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Her career goals are to become a licensed architect and start her own architecture firm.

evely-225x300“The ACE Mentor Program is one of the most significant after school programs that I have participated in because it has linked me with professionals from various architectural firms that have introduced me to new topics and ideas that have confirmed my thoughtful decision of pursuing architecture. The program has also diminished my doubts and worries about my chances of succeeding in a male dominated profession. Katelynn Parent, a mentor from the ACE Program, volunteered to prepare me for an Architecture Drafting competition. I was thrilled to have a woman as a mentor since women are not often represented in these professions.”

Evely received a $5,000 Merit Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia and will be attending Thomas Jefferson University for Architecture in the Fall 2020.





SAFIYYAH FRANKLIN | G.W. Carver High School for Engineering & Science

My name is Safiyyah Franklin and I’m a senior at GW Carver High School of Engineering and Science. I have participated in ACE on Team 12, an all female team, all four years of high school and I’ve hand an amazing experience. In school I do robots and tutor my peers through the National Honor Society. In my free time I like to draw, read and workout. 

“I have always known I wanted to be an engineer and participating in ACE has helped me to narrow my interest. I am really gratefully to have had the opportunity to meet many professionals in various careers and see first hand how the architecture, construction, and engineering industries come together to complete a project.”

Safiyyah received a $5,000 Merit Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia and will be attending Cornell University for Civil Engineering in the Fall 2020.






KAMILA IRIZARRY | Charter High School for Architecture & Design

I’m Kamila Irizarry, and I am 17 years old. I’m currently a senior at the Charter High School for Architecture and Design. I aspire to become an architect and I have been preparing myself every step of the way. Going to an architecture focused school, and participating in ACE Mentor were the first steps into my future career.

“I’m a very organized person, and ACE has helped me organize my future. I wanted to make sure what I wanted my career to be, and ACE influenced my decision. It helped me understand what the everyday life of an architect is like, and what kind of challenges I will have to face once I get to be an architect myself.”

Kamila received a $5,000 Merit Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia and will be attending Thomas Jefferson University for Architecture in the Fall 2020.






BETH KRAUS | Vineland Senior High School

I am a senior at Vineland High School and a future engineer.  Throughout my four years in high school, I explored many different activities including Technology Student Association, Art Club, National Honor Society, and Wizardry Club.  I love exploring different fields and learning as much as I can.  This fall, I plan on studying engineering at RCSJ and hope to gain my master’s degree.  Engineering was something that I thought something that I could never do, but ACE and programs at my school showed me that I can.  One day, I hope that I can give back what these programs gave me. 


“ACE opened a door to a world that I did not know existed.  Before ACE, I did not believe that I could be engineer or architect and after ACE, I knew this where I belong.”

Beth received a $5,000 Scholarship sponsored by Torcon Construction and will be attending Rowan College of South Jersey for Engineering in the Fall 2020.







ANNALISA QUINN | Central High School

I am Annalisa Quinn, a senior at Central High School in Philadelphia. My hobbies include knitting, biking, bouldering, photography, thrifting, and making art. I enjoy my time in extracurricular activities through being involved in scouts, school clubs, my church choir, and piano lessons. I love spending time with my family, friends, church community, and my three cats. I love to explore nature and the city. I am glad to have had the opportunity to be involved in the ACE Mentor Program to grow in my enthusiasm for the fields of design and architecture.

annalisa-225x300“Through my experience in ACE, I have understood the scope of career opportunities and have recognized the expertise that goes into executing each project. I have seen how the fields of architecture, construction and engineering lead in innovation. These industries not only design for our world today, but for the years ahead.”

Annalisa received a $5,000 scholarship sponsored by Gilbane Building Company and will be continuing her education at Thomas Jefferson University in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment, after a gap year.

Annalisa is also a national winner of the 2020 CMiC Allen Berg Memorial Scholarship and has been awarded $12,000 for her post-secondary education.