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The ACE Mentor Program is free and open to any high school student who has the curiosity and drive to learn about a career in design and construction — from contracting and engineering to architecture & interior design. The ACE360 Project will provide students with essential life-skills and professional development support in order to enhance their ACE experience and provide a full circle overview of the journey into a career.

Students will work with architects, engineers and contractors on mock design challenges within the Greater Philadelphia area, while buiilding the confidence and skills to compete with their counterparts by successfully completing applications, writing impactful essays, developing impressive resumes, and practicing communication skills in mock interviews – in person or virtually!

REGISTER IN THE ACE NATIONAL DATABASE | Follow THIS LINK and click on “Registration/Login.”

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a returning student – please login to your existing profile. If you forget what email you may have used to create the account, please contact MELISSA at in order to access this information. There is also a password recovery feature (if need be), so you should not need to create a new profile!

For more information on how to get started as a volunteer in our ACE Affiliate, please contact MELISSA RAFFEL at