On Saturday, June 4th, the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia culminated the 2022 program year with a community build day at the Houseman Rec Center. This is the second year that ACE has guided high school students through the design and construction of a project to improve a public space. 
The Design & Build Project Team spent months collaborating with many partners to create beautiful and empowering signage to decorate the exterior of the building, and landscaping plans to revitalize the entrance plaza. These efforts came to a successful conclusion with the Painting & Planting Day, which was well attended by ACE mentors and students, colleagues from WRT, and volunteers from Walls for Justice and E&H Lawn Care. 
We are especially grateful to the many families from the surrounding neighborhood who visited the site and participated in the day’s activities. In particular, we applaud the efforts of the members of the youth football and basketball teams at Houseman.  They previously helped to design the building artwork and returned on Saturday to see their work brought to life. Councilwoman Charelle Parker also made an appearance to commend the efforts of all volunteers and celebrate the importance of uplifting our community. 
ACE is grateful to lead sponsor Michell’s, the many partners who collaborated on this project, and all of the volunteers who attended the Painting & Planting Day on June 4th. Our mentorship of students interested in the A-E-C industries and our service to Philadelphia neighborhoods is made possible by their support!
Melissa Raffel
Author: Melissa Raffel