MEET THE HONOREES | Mastery Charter – Cramer Hill Elementary School


Designed with Students in Mind.

Large windows allow natural light to flood in making classrooms bright, cheerful and welcoming. A state-of-the-art library, with cozy seating and a digital resource center, gives students a fun place to discover new books and uncover a wealth of knowledge. The most unique building feature is the green roof. Not only does the nearly 3,000 square feet of vegetated roof reduce rainwater runoff, but it also provides a place for students to touch, feel and absorb science and other classroom lessons. The roof is visible from classrooms on two levels. Studies show students who have views of natural landscapes from their classrooms have improved academic performance.

Designed for Community.

The school has several rooms available for Camden residents to use after school hours and on the weekends, including the library.




Melissa Raffel
Author: Melissa Raffel