Congratulations, Tariq!

Widener University – Electrical Engineering

My sincerest greetings, I am Tariq Bazemore a soon-to-be graduate of Universal Audenried Charter high school. My passions are tinkering with nonfunctional tech to salvage and learn about new mechanics, Animating fictional characters to fit along with storylines as well as fantasies, and finally exploring my fashion sense in my alone time. After getting through college and obtaining my master’s degree in electrical engineering, I would like to branch out and become a back liner software engineer for a corporation or start my own commission work and create websites or programs to provide to businesses. “Iron sharpens iron, brother sharpens brother”. The idea came to me from the ACE program as they demonstrated teamwork and collaboration skills which allowed us to properly prosper.

Tariq Bazemore
Melissa Raffel
Author: Melissa Raffel