Congratulations, Henry!

My name is Henry Conde.  I completed my first year in the Rowan University Electrical and Computer Engineering Program with a 3.7 GPA.  I graduated from CCTEC earning my high school diploma, an engineering career certificate, and 50 college credits through dual enrollment with RCSJ. I have been involved in ACE since 9th grade on the Cumberland County and Greater Philadelphia teams.  Since 2015, I have worked with my father in his HVAC/electrical business, Thermal Pro.  This summer I accepted an internship with BCCLT Inc., an engineering consulting firm.  Although my career interests are ACE related, I am passionate about music, a self-taught guitar and keyboard player writing my own original songs.  My future goal is to become an electrical engineer in the design, construction, or utility industry.

Through ACE, I gained an appreciation for how the design and construction industry continually improves our society through innovations in sustainable energy and materials, improvements in building methods and infrastructure design, and incorporation of smart technology into design projects. ACE has educated me on the wide variety of careers available in design and construction and the skills and expectations that are required in order to pursue a related career. I plan to follow a path in electrical engineering that leads me to the design, construction, or utility industry so I can make a positive contribution to these fields and society in general.

Henry Conde
Melissa Raffel
Author: Melissa Raffel