2018 ACE Scholarship Award Winners

The ACE Mentor Program of Eastern Pennsylvania announced $113,000 in scholarships at the organization’s 17th Annual Scholarship Breakfast, Wednesday, May 23 at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia. Over 380 members of the design and construction community attended the celebration. Nine students received ACE scholarships totaling $75,000. An additional $9,500 per year, four-year scholarship to attend Penn State University was presented by PSU Coordinator of Minority Programs and ACE board member Curt Marshall. Scholarships will enable students to continue their education in architecture, construction, and engineering fields.

JANE TRUONG | B. Reed Henderson High School

I have lived in West Chester all my life, raised by two Asian-American immigrants who taught me the power of education and service. I always knew I had a strong calling to the field of STEM at a young age. Being an Asian-American and a girl interested in math and science has not always been easy, but I knew that engineering was my passion and outlet to change the world for the better. So much of my life has been affected by community service, and I hope to do better things in the world that has given me many opportunities.

jane“ACE has been a wonderful, empowering experience for me. I have met with many women in the ACE professions, and it has inspired me to be that same role model for younger girls. Not only have the meetings been insightful, they have excited me for my future in Civil Engineering. My very close mentor, Mrs. Ngov has been so helpful and insightful because I find so many similarities and inspirations in her. Overall, I am glad to have had the ACE mentors that I had and that this program opened up for me just in time before I went off to college.”

Jane received a $12,000 Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA and will be attending Drexel University for Civil Engineering in the Fall 2018.


AMANI RYAN | The Charter High School for Architecture and Design

My name is Amani Ryan. Currently, I am a senior at CHAD and will be graduating as a honors student in June 2018. For the past 2 years I’ve been participating in the ACE program as well as the PATINA program which confirmed my love for Architecture.

“ACE helped me prepare for college and taught me how closely everyone in design, construction, and engineering industries work together to produce beautiful buildings.”

Amani received a $7,000 Scholarship from the Carpenters’ Company of the City & County of Philadelphia and will be attending Penn State University for Architecture in the Fall 2018.



MAX CANN | Spring-Ford Area High School

I am a Senior at Spring-Ford High School in Royersford, PA and will be attending Penn State University in State College, PA in Fall of 2018.  I have been part of the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) Program for 4 years, and have volunteered at Pottstown Hospital as part of their VolunTEEN Program throughout high school.  I have worked as a Cast Member at Regal Cinema in Oaks, PA for 3 years, and enjoy basketball and playing guitar.

“The ACE Program has been a tremendous learning experience for me.  Through exposure and application of various fields in engineering, design, and construction, I have learned many skills and, most importantly, have a clear vision for my college study and hopefully my life’s work.  Thank you ACE for this great opportunity and generous scholarship!”

Max received a $8,000 Scholarship from SKANSKA USA Building and will be attending Penn State University for Engineering in the Fall 2018.


CIHEIM BROWN | GW Carver High School for Engineering & Science

My name is Ciheim Brown. I am a 17 year old kid from Philadelphia with a strong interest in engineering and computer science. I attend George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science and participate in Robotics, Business Club, and Varsity Volleyball. I spend my free-time making music, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. My goal is to gain experience in the mechanical engineering field and bring my knowledge back to my community.

ciheim“Through ACE I have had the opportunity to work with real engineers and architects while getting a feel for the fields of Architecture Construction and Engineering as a whole. I now understand the immense preparation that every new project entails. We look around everyday and watch our world change, how the buildings adapt to fit our needs, and how we utilize structures for survival. ACE has taught me to appreciate humans’ ability to create and shown me how I can help. “

Ciheim received a $7,000 Scholarship from the GBCA and will be attending Virginia State University for Engineering in the Fall 2018.


TYLER WEIDMAN | Universal Audenried Charter High School

My name is Tyler Weidman. I’m a senior at Universal Audenried Charter High School and a student in my school’s Engineering Career and Technical education program. I joined the ACE Mentor Program in the summer after my freshman year and have been a student in the program every year since. I have recently been accepted to Temple University for a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. I plan to utilize the funds given to me from this scholarship towards my degree, in that they will help to pay for my books, as well as adding to funding for my room and board payments. I’m grateful for the experience ACE has given me in helping me obtain knowledge that’ll help me in pursuing an engineering career.

tyler“The ACE Mentor Program has definitely impacted my outlook on the design and construction industries in a positive manner. Throughout the now four years I have attended ACE I have been given great insight into the different fields of architecture, construction, and engineering. I had already been interested in pursuing an engineering career and ACE has more than enhanced my feelings towards this goal.”

Tyler received a $7,000 Scholarship from Alderson Engineering and will be attending Temple University for Engineering in the Fall 2018.


HANNAH ADIGHIJE | GW Carver High School for Engineering & Science

My name is Hannah Adighije and I am a high school senior at George Washington Carver High School of Engineering Science. I am an honor roll student who is actively involved in both my school and community. I am currently the Vice President of Business Club and National Society of Black Engineers at my school. I also participate in 6 other extra-curricular activities such as National Honor Society and Temple University Upward Bound Math Science. I spend some of my time after school tutoring students from grades K-3 or in high school. I have received many awards for my accomplishments.

hannah“ACE has impacted my outlook on the design and construction industry because I have met different mentors who I would like to keep in contact with.”

Hannah received a $12,000 Scholarship sponsored by O’Donnell & Naccarato & The ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA. She will be attending Penn State University for Engineering in the Fall 2018.




BEYAH BAYLOR | GW Carver High School for Engineering & Science

Beyah Baylor is a Philadelphia Native currently residing in North East Philadelphia. Beyah is a senior at George Washington Carver High School going to attend Morgan State University in the fall majoring in Civil Engineering. Beyah is active in sports and community service. He is also involved in the Kappa League for Kappa Alpha Phi Faternity, Inc. Beyah has always enjoyed playing sports, drawing and photography. He volunteers within is the community and helps canvass during Election Season.

beyah“Ace has unlocked my creativity and problem‐solving skills with the knowledge of basic fundamentals of engineering in order to give me the grasp concept of what I can do in the field of engineering.”

Beyah received a $7,000 Scholarship from Urban Engineers and will be attending Morgan State University for  Civil Engineering in the Fall 2018.




YABO DETCHOU | New Foundations Charter School

Born and raised in Benin, a nation battling poverty, yet rich in resilience, I grew up bathed in customs of tolerance and optimism. I was 9 when my family won the Diversity Visa Lottery and immigrated to the United States. Despite initially struggling, it felt encouraging to be among peers who came from all walks of life, struggling with the same issues I faced As time went by, I became involved in things I loved to do. I learned how to respond quickly in fast-paced situations and work with others towards a common goal.”

yabo“From a previous experience, I learned the importance of engineers in our society. And the ACE Mentors program exposed me to the ethics and dedication that it takes for one to enter the fields of architecture, construction and engineering. From ACE, I was constantly introduced to many types of engineers and architects and the roles that each play in a team. I was introduced to the organogram of an ACE related firm which showed the different levels and how each ACE related field function together as a whole.”

Yabo received an $8,000 McHugh Engineering Scholarship sponsored by McHugh Engineering and will be attending Bard College in the Fall of 2018. She will be pursuing a major in engineering through their 3-2 program with Dartmouth.


BRENDAN ASTHEIMER | Spring-Ford Area High School

More information coming soon!

Brendan received a $7,000 Scholarship sponsored by Brandywine Realty Trust and will be attending Penn State University for Architecture in the Fall 2018.