2017 ACE Scholarship Award Winners

Thirteen scholarships totaling $60,000 were presented to regional high school students at the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern Pennsylvania 16th Annual Scholarship Breakfast, Wednesday, May 17 at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia. Scholarships will allow students to continue their education in the architecture, construction, and engineering fields.

KYLE AMON | Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

My name is Kyle Amon and ever since I was a child I knew I would be doing something in the ACE field. My days filled with, building Legos, loving cars and playing outside sports as a child. Today, I love to go hiking and mountain biking, as well as just driving and exploring new places with my car. I also have a love for design and problem solving in Autodesk Revit and Inventor. I attend Plymouth Whitemarsh high school where I am able to join tech clubs and even become an Intern at GKO Architects. I also have a part-time position at Legoland Discovery Center. Next year I plan on joining ROTC and having a fantastic time at Penn State Altoona.

kax“ACE has given me an edge on every other student entering and currently in college. The program has given me insight into many different jobs in the industry. ACE gave me a much better understanding of what each mentor does on a day to day basis, giving me “a foot in the door” to so many different industries.”

Kyle received a $3,000 Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA and will be attending Penn State Altoona in the Fall 2017.


WILLIAM BESS | GW Carver High School for Engineering & Science

My name is William Bess, I am 17 years old and an aspiring civil engineer. I currently attend Carver HSES. During the summer I will be involved in a paid internship working in the Design and Construction field at Princeton University. Over the course of my high school career I’ve established many connections, most importantly with the ACE mentors, just to name a few Alex Chan, Kevin Brown, Enoque Panzo, and Christopher Rapone and the rest of Team 1. I’ve first became interested in the engineering field in 10th grade taking engineering 1 with my high school teacher Mr. Koehler who’s been my engineering teacher all throughout 10th grade till 12th grade. He was also the one that introduced the ACE Mentoring program to me and helped me be successful in it.

wbx“Being in the ACE Mentoring program allowed me to open my eyes to the entire design, build, and test process. I was exposed to an environment of people that have already achieved what I aspire to be.”

William received a $3,000 Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA and will be attending Penn State Abington in the Fall 2017 for Engineering.



ALEXSIS DAVIS | GW Carver High School for Engineering & Science

Alexsis Davis is a graduating senior from George Washington Carver High School for Engineering & Science. At an early age, Alexsis found her passions for traveling (touring London, England; traveling across country by car with her Family), giving to others (Project READ: A Mini Library; volunteering at a food kitchen) and engineering.

With engineering, Alexsis has been involved with the ACE Mentoring Program, The Army Corps of Engineers, GearGirls Robotics Club and a number of other programs. Alexsis will be attending Temple University in the fall of 2017 as an Engineering major.

ad“I loved ACE because my mentors worked with me instead of showing me a bunch of tools to use like other programs. ACE has shown me that I do want to be an engineer and design new things that can change the world.”

Alexsis received a $7,500 Merit Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA and will be attending Temple University in the Fall 2017 for Engineering.



RAQUEL DUNOFF | Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Raquel Dunoff hopes to change the world through engineering. She plans on inventing the next big thing and creating a start up company. After graduating from Plymouth Whitemarsh High School this June, Raquel will head to Olin College of Engineering. There she will be a part of revolutionary engineering education through the college’s innovative hands on design courses. Raquel also enjoys working behind the scenes in theater, doing stage crew and set construction. She is passionate about encouraging girls to become engineers. She plans on being a part of the Society of Women Engineers and hopes to be a role model.

rd“ACE has helped me understand how all of the different roles of the construction process work together to complete complex projects.”

Raquel received a $7,500 Merit Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA and will be attending Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham Mass. in the Fall 2017



RYAN HUNT | Methacton High School

My name is Ryan Hunt, and I am currently a senior at Methacton High School. After I graduate, I am going to Penn State University to major in Chemical Engineering. Some hobbies and Activities that I am involved in are running for both the Track and Cross Country teams at Methacton, Boy Scouts in which I am an Eagle Scout, Hunting, and Knife Making! ACE has been one of the most helpful resources that I have been able to experience in high school, as it has given me an inside look and many different roads that I can take in the engineering field.

rh“ACE has undoubtedly been one of my major sources of guidance for me when it has came to deciding what I will do at my next level of life, especially when it comes to engineering and design.”

Ryan received a $3,000 Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA and will be attending Penn State University for Chemical Engineering in the Fall 2017.



DAVID KORCZAKOWSKI | Upper Dublin High School

I am a senior at Upper Dublin High School and I plan on attending Philadelphia University to study Architecture. I have been interested in drawing structures and floor plans since I was in elementary school. In fact, my fourth grade teacher noticed my special talent in drawing. She even invited an architect to my classroom to show his floor plans and explain the profession. I continue sketching houses, apartments and people on paper, and imagine floor plans in my head.

Throughout my high school career, I have been taking numerous courses related to Architecture, such as Introduction to Architecture and Engineering, Architecture I, Applied Engineering, and Introduction to 2D-Art. In my senior year, I joined the ACE Mentor Program to learn more about the profession and increase my architectural skills. I plan on joining the ACE Mentor Alumni chapter at Philadelphia University.

dkx“ACE Mentor has impacted my outlook on the design and construction industry by showing me the importance of collaborating with other disciplines in order to be successful on a project.”

David received a $5,000 Scholarship sponsored by the General Building Contractors Association and will be attending Philadelphia University (Thomas Jefferson) for Architecture in the Fall 2017.



ERIC LORENZO | Holy Ghost Preparatory School

Eric Lorenzo is a senior at Holy Ghost Preparatory School, and soon to be graduate in the fall of 2017. He is heavily involved in art programs, and is very interested in architectural design. Having participated in the ACE program for two years, he has gained an insight into what a career in architecture would be like, and is actively (and excitedly) working towards one by attending Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.

el“I already was interested in Architecture before participating in ACE, but now I’m positive that I would really want to be an Architect!”

Eric received a $3,000 Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA and will be attending Bucks County Community College for one year, then transferring to SCAD for Architecture.



VALERIE MELECIO | Cheltenham High School

I am 17 years old and the oldest of four children. Being first generation Mexican-American, I am extremely proud of my Latina Heritage and the culture that comes with it. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in many groups throughout high school that have taught me things that you would not learn in the classroom. I am excited to take all of the experiences -along with what I learn in school- and incorporate them into being as successful as I can be. My father always told me “I am not just preparing you for a test, I am preparing you for life.”

vm“ACE has helped me gain appreciation for every detail in a project by teaching me about the roles of every person involved in the development of a project. In addition, I have made connections and received support from mentors that have led me towards finding my path in Engineering.”

Valerie received the $5,000 Selim Lunden, PE Memorial Scholarship sponsored by O’Donnell & Naccarato and will be attending Drexel University for Civil Engineering in the Fall 2017.


OLIWIA PASZKOWSKA | Franklin Learning Center

Oliwia Paszkowska is an an 18-year old aspiring architect. She will graduate from Franklin Learning Center High School this summer and begin her college education with Community College of Philadelphia, after which she will transfer to Temple University. She practices photography as a hobby in her free time. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge and pursuing a career in architecture in the near future.

oliwia“Being a part of an all-girls ACE Mentor team was very empowering. I have obtained lots of knowledge about the field of architecture as well as fields that work with the field of my interest. I am glad do have had the honor to meet and work with successful women in the field.”

Oliwia received a $5,000 Scholarship sponsored by INTECH Construction and will be attending the Community College of Philadelphia for Architecture in the Fall 2017.


CAROLINA RIVERA | Central High School

I’m Carolina Rivera and I attend Central High School. Next year I will be attending Philadelphia University and will be studying architecture. Some of my hobbies are hiking, making hairstyles, and playing guitar. With the ACE program I was able to expand my knowledge in the field of architecture and assure my interest in it for the future. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of the program – I had many beautiful experiences…

cr“With the ACE program I was able to expand my knowledge in the field of architecture and assure my interest in it for the future.”

Carolina received a $5,000 Scholarship sponsored by Brandywine Realty Trust and will be attending Philadelphia University (Thomas Jefferson) for Architecture in the Fall 2017.



KEISHA SMITH | GW Carver High School for Engineering & Science

I will be attending Penn State Harrisburg in the Fall with the intended major Civil Engineering. With this scholarship I am one step closer to fulfilling my goal of becoming a Civil Engineer. This program was great with helping me decide on what I want to do for a career. By awarding me the ACE Mentor Program scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspects of school, learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.

ks“This program was great with helping me decide on what I want to do for a career.  I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

Keisha received the $5,000 Kevin Brown Scholarship sponsored by Urban Engineers and will be attending Penn State Harrisburg for Civil Engineering in the Fall 2017.


ANTHONY VEGA | Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

I am a designer, artist, programmer, modeler, poet, writer, animator, gamer who has way too many pets.

av“ACE has helped me construct the foundation towards my future…”

Anthony received a $3,000 Scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA and will be attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in the Fall 2017.




NICHOLAS WEISNER | Spring-Ford Senior High School

My name is Nicholas Weisner and I am a senior at the Spring Ford high school in Royersford, PA. Having an interest in mathematics and building design, I became involved with the ACE Mentor Program in the tenth grade and have enjoyed it for the last three years. I am also a part of the VEX Robotics competitions where we design and build robots to compete in skill challenges against other area schools. I am a teacher’s assistant for computer science at my school where I help students with programming. In the fall I am looking forward to attending Penn State University as a Civil engineering major.

nw“I know that the skills and relationships I have acquired in the ACE Mentoring Program will assist me in college, my career path and beyond…”

Nicholas received a $5,000 Scholarship sponsored by Alderson Engineering and will be attending Penn State University in the Fall 2017 for Civil Engineering.