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At the Water Works!

On December 13th, Team 3 traveled to the historic Fairmount Water Works. Students learned about the facility’s former life pumping drinking water from the Schuylkill River up to Faire Mount (now the site of the Philadelphia Museum of Art). Once the second-biggest tourist attraction in the nation (behind only Niagara Falls), the Water Works were a major engineering feat and represent a time when civic buildings were as much about form as function.

Environmental educator Sandy Sorlien gave a behind-the-scenes tour, showed a short film documenting the history of facility, and provided a demonstration of how urban development affects watersheds and what Philadelphia Water is doing to restore the health of our rivers.

Special thanks to our mentors from Langan, Cope Linder, DalTile and Norr for exposing the students to such a great experience in their own back-yard!

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