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2016 Outstanding Mentor | Marie H. Wright

Marie H. Wright

Worth & Company | Safety Manager

Marie started her journey as an ACE mentor in 2008 for a combined suburban team in East Norriton, Pennsylvania.  She was one of (19) mentors and one of (4) women involved with this team.  Although Marie’s background was not in an ACE field, she was encouraged by other mentors to stay a part of the team and program. She soon realized that her inherent understanding of the various careers in the industry and undying passion to mentor students in these fields outweighed any hesitation she may have had to continue on with the program.

Following a year of mentoring, there was a need to expand the ACE program in other areas. Marie selflessly accepted the challenge to lead her own team and in 2009 became the team leader for Pottstown, Pennsylvania – a team that included several school districts.  At the start of the school year there was no place to hold meetings. The school districts were receptive to the program, but were unable to offer space since multiple school districts were involved that required travel by the students.  Eventually, the Pottstown Business Exchange came through and offered a small conference room in their building to hold meetings. So at this point they had a building to hold meetings, students from various school districts, but Marie was the only mentor!  This is where her love of teaching came in to play as she had to prepare the bi-monthly lesson plans – using her understanding of the design and construction industry and working as a safety professional for many years.


In order to fill the gaps – Marie was able to coordinate with several industry professionals that came periodically to provide first-hand knowledge and insight into their specific ACE discipline.  Although this eased the load, additional tests eventually revealed themselves. The donated conference room space was very small and they often had no room to move or display prints or drawings. This created logistic issues that were surely beyond her control. They also did not have a formal project to work on due to the late start date of the program, which required Marie to become incredibly creative in order to develop a curriculum that would serve the interests of the students.  While some may have buckled under these challenging circumstances, Marie felt that  the ACE program had much merit and she wanted to provide this learning opportunity for students – by any means necessary.

“This type of program was not available when I went to school and my philosophy was – provide an opportunity and they WILL come.”

Marie H. Wright

Due to the participation and overwhelming feedback of students from Pottsgrove, Pottsgrove High School graciously decided to host the ACE Team the following year.  That was the beginning of a 6 year relationship with a notable school district and leading the team all on her own. Under her guidance, she accepted several students from other school districts – many who have returned for multiple years in the program.

Through Marie’s perseverance and ultimate dedication to the students in the ACE Program, the Pottsgrove team has been able to continue the ACE mission by exposing, engaging and enlightening students for the past 6 years.

For the past 8 years, she has counseled students in the ACE related career fields as well as provided guidance to other mentors as they move on from Pottsgrove in an effort to expand the ACE program into new areas.

Marie possesses a kind and gentle spirit that allows her to interact and bring joy to anyone she meets with. Not only does she understand the importance of an education and first hand career exposure, she continues to donate her time and energy – giving back to a program that was non-existent when she was in high school.

Congratulations Marie!