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ACE students will to tour The Finishing Trades Institute (FTI) facility while learning about various career opportunities in:

  • Glazing
  • Drywall finishing
  • Commercial and industrial painting trades

Students will also engage in hands-on opportunities including:

  • Virtual welding
  • Glass cutting and polishing

AND while at the The International Masonry Institute (IMI) facility – ACE Students will get an opportunity to work side by side with first, second, and third year masonry apprentices – learning the basics of:

  • Mortar preparation
  • Brick and stone laying
  • Pointing
  • Tile setting


The Finishing Trades Institute (FTI) was the first stand-alone building tradestraining program to receive full accreditation from the Department ofEducation, opening the way for graduates to receive college degrees andultimately raising apprenticeship training to a new level.

The International Masonry Institute (IMI) and sister organization International Masonry Training and Education Foundation (IMTEF) provides apprenticetraining, certifications and continuing education programs to the members ofthe International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. Apprentice programs begin with pre-job training and continue throughout a craftworker’scareer in brick, stone, tile, marble, terrazzo, pointing-caulking-cleaning,refractory, plaster, cement and mosaic work.

ALSO FEATURING – Our Design and Construciton Industry College Fair with representation from the following schools and universities!