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Welcome Aboard Melissa!

“I’m always open to communicate with anyone who wants to share input. I want to do all I can to support ACE mentors and students.”

aux_1032With a degree in elementary education from Cabrini College and years spent as a classroom teacher and an education consultant, Melissa offers varied experiences to shape her fresh perspective and to inform her support of mentors and students.

Currently, Melissa is compiling ACE Eastern Pennsylvania’s first curriculum toolkit. Designed to be a resource of materials mentors can use with students, the toolkit will include lesson plans, icebreaker activities to encourage participation, and closing activities to recap lesson themes. The kit will help mentors keep sessions moving in a productive way, maintain student interest, and provide basic teaching techniques.



“Mentors are so knowledgeable in their respective fields, but classroom management is sometimes hard,” explains Melissa. “I’m pulling in the world of teaching to give mentors a plan.”

Melissa is married with two children who shape her perspective on teaching and engaging with teenagers. Her 15-year-old son Tyler is a freshman in high school. Her daughter Peyton is a 13-year-old eighth grader. Melissa spends a lot of time on soccer fields watching both kids play. She’s also a movie buff and an avid reader. She and her family live in Springfield, Delaware County, Pa.

Don’t hesitate to contact Melissa with ideas for mentor support, activities, or curricula. She’s reachable at!