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MENTOR OF THE MONTH | Nichole Howell

nicholeNichole Howell graduated from Temple University School of Architecture in 2011. Since then, she has been working at JKRP Architects primarily working on mid-sized, multi family residential projects and renovations projects in and around Philadelphia.
Nichole always enjoyed working with kids; her first job was at an after school tutoring center where she enjoyed building relationships with different students and seeing them make a connection to what they learned. She thought ACE would be a great way to continue fostering those kinds of connections and in 2011, she became a Mentor.

As a mentor, Nichole gets her students working on activities which require them to explain their thinking while presenting what they’ve done, what they were envisioning, and how they can communicate those ideas with their work.

Nichole is always amazed to learn what “sticks” with her students. At the end of the year, when she asks them to recap their experiences, she’s regularly surprised to hear what moments were the most meaningful to them!