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Mentor of the Month | Michael Clark

Michael Clark is a Civil Engineer with Stantec Consulting. He has been working in Philadelphia for the past 5 years doing Site/Civil work and working on projects for the Philadelphia Water Department’s Green Streets Program.

As a high school student, Michael’s father introduced him to Civil Engineering. As an adult, he felt that it was his duty to do for others what his father did for him; this desire led him to become an ACE Mentor. Michael enjoys working on projects where his students use their imaginations to design something familiar, such as a restaurant, then discover just how much work is involved in such a project.


The most surprising thing to Michael about mentoring is the amount of interest that the students have in different engineering subjects, the extent of their knowledge, and the in-depth questions they ask.

Michael is so passionate about his work that when asked what he would be doing if he wasn’t a Civil Engineer, he answered, “I would be a civil engineer somewhere else. I have been lucky enough to find a career that I really enjoy and have no desire to do anything else.”